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Well, there really is no shortage of bad news just at present, is there ?


So many people are struggling since they have not been able to work; children not at school are worrying about their futures and their parents are worrying about how to help them; everyone is concerned about their health and that of those they love. The news is a constant source of anxiety and tension. Holidays are cancelled. Easter looks like a washout. Everything seems very bleak. But I find myself marvelling at the many things that are happening which give me hope and courage. They certainly make me feel very grateful indeed that I live in Gnosall.


Overwhelmingly, it is the kindness of our community that lightens my mood and lifts my spirits. Moreover, it isn’t just friends helping friends, which you might expect, but the kindness of strangers that touches me most. Let’s think about what has happened here in our village.


Perhaps the largest example is that of our own Covid-19 Facebook support group, which seemed to spring up almost overnight, thanks to the little group of 3 or 4 women in the village who realised very early on that there would be a need for help if people were to be able to self-isolate as requested. At first, the group was run alongside full time jobs and parenting responsibilities – which is amazing in itself – but soon things changed and a more comprehensive system was put in place. The Parish Office began to be the hub for inquiries for help, which enabled the organisers to spend more time collecting, sorting and allocating goods. Then others in the village who weren’t able to take part themselves began to support the group by donating food and essential supplies (the organisers provided everything at the start!) and soon the Bank Top Garage became the main drop off collection point. Volunteers began to identify where they could deliver to and keep an eye on things and before very long, there was a web of support stretching all across the village. Now things have gone a stage further still and many volunteers have formed a bond with their ‘regulars’ and so they are giving not just supplies but much-needed friendship and support – albeit at a socially isolated distance! What a fantastic example of community spirit in action, organised from the ground up for no other reason than kind-heartedness. Amazing! What a source of comfort that is, especially to relatives who are too far away to support their vulnerable family members; they are now able to donate funds to enable others to help instead.


But it doesn’t end there. Local businesses have done what they can to make life easier. The Bakery has developed a delivery service, which is much appreciated and The Boat have been running a takeaway service, with pies and fish & chips made to order and ready to be collected in a safe manner. That makes a most welcome change and many have said how much they are enjoying these meals. Similarly, Greens Tea Rooms have offered to make meals too, and their regulars are more than grateful for the delicious food on offer. 


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