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Moreton Outwoods and Bromstead W.I.

On a coldish late Summer evening President Anne Griffiths welcomed all to the September Meeting. In the Business was a reminder that the Christmas Draw Tickets will be available at the next meeting. The great success of the Afternoon Tea in the Hall was discussed in some detail and all were delighted with the compliments and congratulatory emails received from quite a number of people. Many thanks go to Vanessa Lowe for the tremendous work and effort she and her husband provided. Our Speaker for the evening was Mr John Price of Stone, on “Memories are made of this”.

This was not childhood memories but how you can learn to remember things. John gave us a test of remembering 20 different words in 2 minutes. Only one member was able to come up with over 10 words. She will remain nameless, everybody else was under 10 words ! After instruction from John and some learning techniques, we took the test again (20 different words of course in 2 minutes) and were really surprised and pleased by the general improvement for all of the Ladies. This we thought was quite a miracle. A very educational and delightful time was had by all on a visit to Tong Church the day after our Meeting. Scrumptious Cream Teas a real bonus.

The results of the Competition for a childhood treasure was :

1st Joy Pownall 2nd Chris Haycox and 3rd Gill Day.

Next month is an Open Meeting, with Ruth Lory on “Making a Christmas Wreath and a Table Arrangement” The Competition is a Christmas Book Marker, please do join us on Tuesday 8th October, Moreton Millennium Hall, 7.30pm, everybody most welcome.

Chris Haycox



Well summer maybe slipping away but glorious autumn is bursting its berries everywhere! The blackberries this year are so plentiful, I feel a pie or three coming on!! Lots to look forward to in the coming weeks, we have a theatre visit to see Lulu...yes she is still singing and performing brilliantly!!! Agroup will be visiting Chatsworth House for the Christmas festivities and  market, bank cards at the ready gals!! We have been invited to provide stewards at the Autumn Council Meeting at the County Showground this year, Kate Humble is one of the speakers so that should be interesting. The Gnosall Travelstore came to our September meeting, Scott and his team gave us some wonderful ideas and good advice for future travel, we are so lucky to have this brilliant service and resource right here in Gnosall,. with so much choice and conflicting advice around it is a comfort to know the Travelstore will look after you and give the best advice possible. Scott very kindly donated his fee to Gnosall First Responders as seen in the photograph ..Don’t you just love Music Boxes!! We are in for a treat next month our speaker Kath Turner is going to bring along a few from her vast collection for us to enjoy and find out a little more about the rich tradition of The English Music Box .If you have a music box you would like to share with us and its story please bring it along!! Hope to see you then.. .

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